Is it obvious you're trying to be anonymous?

Our Anonymity Checker will launch a Java applet in your browser to see if it appears you are using an anonymity tool. You will be asked for permission to allow the Java applet to run. If your computer or browser does not support Java applets then the Anonymity Checker will gather what it can using Javascript. Below is a description of the information that will be gathered.


Different types of connections will be initiated from your computer. The IP address from where these connections originate could show you are using anonymizing techniques.

Information gathered from your computer can indicate anonymizing techniques if that information conflicts with your connection details. Information gathered from your computer includes things like environment variables and your local system time.

Data sent from your browser may conflict with data gathered from your computer or connection. If the browser data is inconsistent with other data gathered it may be due to anonymizing techniques. Data obtained from the browser like lists of plug-ins or fonts can be used to identify your computer.

You will be prompted to allow the applet to run on your computer. If you are using Windows, you may also be prompted by Windows Firewall to "Allow access" so Java can make a network connection.